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ηڵ 1997⿡ ۻ(ȭ ۻ Ϲȣ 1226)μ , , , Ŭ 帣 ߸Ÿ մϴ.

DZ̶ ǹ ״ ηڵ Ƹ 츮 ¾ ϰ ִ ߱ؼ , ߸ϰ ֽϴ. ̱ ߿ ݻ ̺귯 ü,  ǻ ׸ ε ƼƮ Ʈʽ ΰ ֽϴ.

ȭ ̺귯 ׸ ȫ ǰ  Ǵ E-mail ٶϴ. Ȩ 湮 帮, ǰ Բϴ ð ǽñ ٶϴ.

Musicmine Records was launched in 1997 with the goal to offer beautiful music that lasts a lifetime like an old friend. With deep knowledge of music, rich experience and passion in the music business, we have grown into a label with a catalog of over 2,000 albums and  specializing in overseas music of various genres such as pop, jazz, soundtrack, new age, world and classical music. We currently focus primarily on the digital and physical distribution of music, and we also cover music business such as publishing, synchronization.

The door of Musicmine is always open to any record labels and artists who want to find the key to successful marketing and distribution in Korea and Asian territory. Any inquiries for music business will always be welcomed, and feel free to contact us.

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Suite 1622, Gangbyeon Hanshin Core Bldg., 18,
Mapo-daero 4da-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04177 Korea
Ư 4ٱ 18 ѽھƺ 1622ȣ (04177)

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(+82) 2 3142 9703 

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