In Love With Jazz  (3CD)



In Love With Jazz

세상에서 가장 로맨틱한 재즈와 함께 사랑에 빠지다.

친숙하지만 늘 화석처럼 존재해 왔던 과거의 스탠더드 재즈들을 Julie Anne, Jonny Blu, Lloyd Marcus 등 다재다능하고 개성 넘치는 젊은 아티스트들이 현대의 감각에 맞게 연주하고 노래한 사랑의 재즈 모음집.

57곡이 3CD에 수록된 앨범<In Love With Jazz>은 사랑의 발전과정을 따라 3부작 형태로 구성되어 있는데, 2곡을 제외하고 모든 곡이 보컬 재즈로 수록되어 있다. Nice And Easy, Girl From Ipanema, Besame Mucho, Java Jive, Manha De Carnaval, My Funny Valentine 등 수록곡들은 어느 하나 버릴 것 없이 친숙하고 편안한 재즈 레퍼토리로 팝, 라틴 등의 음악 등을 넘나드는 모던함 속에 로맨틱하고도 스윙감 넘치게 연주되어 재즈에 대한 기존의 생각을 바꾸게 한다.

재즈에 대해 엄숙주의만을 견지하는 애호가가 아니라면 어느새 당신은 편안한 스윙감에 몸을 맡긴 채 영화 속 연인들의 사랑스러운 장면을 떠올리며 이 앨범의 음악들과 사랑에 빠질 것이다..















<CD1 - Foreplay>
01. Lloyd Marcus - Nice And Easy      

02. Jonny Blu - Girl From Ipanema           

03. New Alley Corp. - Bend Me       

04. Julie Anne - I Don’t Know Enough About You
05. Quino McWhinney Quartet - I’ve Got You Under My Skin
06. Joe Bourne - Besame Mucho
07. Nena Anderson - Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You
08. Arlene Bailey - Time After Time
09. PIN.SET - Java Jive (I Love Coffee I Love Tea)    

10. Bobby Belfry - So What?
11. Jeanne Gies - Just One Of Those Things
12. Joe Whiting - Lazy Walk
13. Steve March Tormé - Just You And Me
14. Jack Hoban & Wendy Reizer - Moonlight On The Sand
15. Rosemary Loar - Manha De Carnaval
16. Aimee Allen - Nature Boy
17. Saltman Knowles Quintet feat. Lori Williams - What About April
18. Laura Hull - So Much To Gain
19. Ron DeFilippo & Clare North - Beautiful Bird

<CD2 - Get Hot>
01. Arlene Bailey - This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
02. Julie Anne - Hallelujah, I Just Love Him So
03. TONIC Vintage Vocals - Look Out For Love
04. Lloyd Marcus - Happy Love Medley
      (Yankee Doodle Dandy, Over There, You’re A Grand Old Flag)
05. Joe Whiting - Do It Yourself
06. Prairie Cats - Alley
07. Joe Bourne - I Just Called To Say I Love You
08. Quino McWhinney Quartet - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)
09. Nena Anderson - Blue Skies
10. Jeanne Gies - Lover, Come Back To Me
11. Laura Hull - Emotional Spin
12. Saltman Knowles Quintet feat. Lori Williams - On A Pale Star
13. Rosemary Loar - Swinging On A Star
14. Bobby Belfry - What’s Your Story
15. Steve March Torme - Swingin’ At The Blue Moon Bar & Grille
16. Stewart Francke & Barbra Payton - Where We Begin Tonight
17. BadaBing BadaBoom - I Love You, I Do    

18. Aimee Allen - Triste
19. J.J. Soul Band - My Funny Valentine (Special Bonus Track)

<CD3 - Cool Down>
01. Arlene Bailey - Invitation
02. BadaBing BadaBoom - When You’re Lonely In New York
03. Quino McWhinney Quartet - The Way You Look Tonight
04. Nena Anderson - Say You’ll Be Mine
05. Joe Bourne - When I Fall In Love
06. Lloyd Marcus - Unforgettable
07. Steve March Torme - Stardust
08. Julie Anne - Bewitched
09. Lynda Lovett - Scotch & Soda
10. Laura Hull - Swinging From The Moon
11. Rosemary Loar - Since I Fell For Ice Cream
12. Emme St. James - Make Love To Me
13. Edvard Larusson feat. Gudrun Gunnars - Love Me Tonight
14. Ron DeFilippo & Clare North - You Never Played By The Rules
15. Peter Torsiello - Your New Home
16. Aimee Allen - Daydream
17. Haukur Heidar Sextet - Love Me Tonight (Instrumental Version)
18. Danny Green Trio - My Funny Valentine
       (Instrumental Version: Special Bonus Tracks)
19. Lloyd Marcus & Friends - It’s All About Love
      (Special Bonus Tracks)




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